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San Franola is all about providing quality nutrition for America’s next generation, by focusing on K-12 School food!

With humble roots, San Franola started from a family recipe, first producing it by hand in a San Francisco community kitchen, selling at farmers markets. Word spread quickly, forcing us to increase our production facilities to start selling by-the-ton directly to tech company kitchens like Google, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. We quickly grew again, producing nationwide for Safeway, Sprouts and all Bay Area Whole Foods. Even though we have come a long way from our humble beginnings, we never lost sight of our original goal: deliver healthy products that people love to eat!.

Our current focus: cereals and snacks in K-12 schools nationwide, delivering whole-food products that kids get excited about! 

First, kids eat with their eyes. Kids love cool packaging! It makes them feel important, and that whatever’s inside is worth their time. 

Once kids open our cereals and snacks, and try it, those smiles say it all! 

Happy student eaters mean better participation in school food meals, less food waste, and better classroom attentiveness throughout the day. 

Happy students means happy teachers, happy school leadership, and happy cafeteria staff!

All of which makes Team San Franola very happy!!

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Good Food Policy, Los Angeles Good Food Policy, Smart Snacks in School, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, No Kid Hungry, Breakfast In The Classroom, Food Research & Center, Chicago Public Schools, Aramark, Sysco, Revolution Foods, ES Foods, FoodCorps, and more!

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