“San Franola cereals are the #1 Highest Rated Products Of All Time in student testing.”

– 2018 Chicago Public Schools Student Taste Event

The Kids Have Spoken: San Franola is the #1 Rated Product of All Time

The Kids have spoken loudly. At the most recent student tasting conducted by #3 largest school district in the nation (Chicago Public Schools), San Franola cereal flavors had the highest student approval ratings ever! Students ranked San Franola highest in taste and satisfaction, while it also maintained the highest nutritional rating of all brands in the competition.

Being ranked #1 in both taste and nutrition over other brands available in school food, San Franola Cereals will likely increase student participation in school breakfast programs, while leading to lower food waste!

Higher Breakfast  Participation


San Franola Cereals

Production and Distribution to Meet Any Volume

San Franola has state of the art production lines to service the large volumes of school food, with multiple distribution points for efficient and timely transportation.

Our production lines meet all school quality standards, allergen controls, and industry specifications. We are ready to provide you with all necessary paperwork and annual quality checks, to ensure we’re feeding the highest quality food to students.

Been in the Food Game Since 2009

With humble roots, San Franola started from a family recipe, first producing it by hand in a San Francisco community kitchen, selling at farmers markets. Word spread quickly, forcing us to increase our production facilities to start selling by-the-ton directly to tech company kitchens like Google, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. We quickly grew again, producing nationwide for Safeway, nationwide to Sprouts and all Bay Area Whole Foods. Even though we have come a long way from our humble beginnings, we never lost sight of our original goal: deliver healthy products that people love to eat!

2009 Photo in our original San Francisco Community Kitchen

Ready for more? let’s chat!

San Franola also has a cutting edge product development lab, where we’re always developing new recipes. We’re open to suggestions, as no one knows the school food menu than Nutrition Services!

Contact Us with a New Product Suggestion, we are your partners in delivering healthier food options to students.

san franola healthy foods

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