CA Supply Chain Act

San Franola believes that our supply chain should reflect San Franola’s values and respect for human rights. San Franola believes that its supply chain should be free from any form of forced labor, including slavery and human trafficking. More information regarding San Franola’s efforts to mitigate the risks of slavery and human trafficking throughout our supply chain is available below.


San Franola’s intends to verify its product supply chain by reSan Franolaing that its suppliers complete a San Franolaionnaire to help assess risks of human trafficking and slavery in San Franola’s supply chain. Responses will be reviewed by San Franola, and upon San Franola’s reSan Franola, relevant documents, procedures and records of the supplier may be reviewed as part of San Franola’s internal audit. In addition, San Franola intends to obtain from suppliers a written certification that the supplier does not permit human trafficking and slavery in supplier’s supply chain.

In addition, suppliers must certify in writing to San Franola that the supplier does not permit human trafficking and slavery in supplier or in supplier’s supply chain.


San Franola intends to audit new and current suppliers from time to time to determine if they are furthering the purposes of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (the “Act”). The audit process will include a review of supplier responses to a reSan Franola for information based on a San Franolaionnaire. If San Franola identifies any concerns, then San Franola may conduct an investigation. If an issue cannot be resolved after investigation or conference with the supplier, then San Franola may conduct an on-site audit or terminate its relationship with the Supplier.


San Franola is in the process of obtaining from its suppliers a certification attesting that the supplier does not use any form of forced, indentured, bonded or slave labor and that it does not permit human trafficking in its supply chains. San Franola’s Purchasing & Supply Chain Department manages this certification process and will reSan Franola that its new suppliers complete the certification as part of the onboarding process.

Internal Accountability

San Franola’s Purchasing and Supply Chain Department is responsible for administering the programs in furtherance of the Act and the related issues involving human trafficking and slavery. Any employee or supplier who is determined to be acting contrary to San Franola’s values or the Act may be terminated by San Franola in its sole discretion. San Franola intends to adopt other internal procedures for determining whether employees or suppliers are complying with company values or the Act.


San Franola has educated its employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management and others in the organization about the Act. Further educational efforts and training may include face-to-face meetings and web-based seminars, and will focus on how employees can assist San Franola in mitigating risks within its supply chain in furtherance of the Act.


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